Sybrand Park Civic Association promotes active citizenship, which advocates that all our residents have roles and responsibilities to society and the environment, although those members may not have specific governing roles.

As Chairperson, I salute the new Executive Committee for eloquently articulating as well as striking a good balance between these rights and responsibilities (as residents of our immediate community). If a body gives rights to the people under its remit, then those same people might have certain responsibilities to uphold. This would be most obvious at a country or nation-state level, but could also be of wider scope, such as the Internet (Netizen) or Earth (Global Citizenship). The implication is that an active citizen is one who fulfils both their rights and responsibilities in a balanced way.

The launch of our own website (c.f. Netizen) is a step in this direction. We are also excited to get our recycling project (c.f. Global Citizenship) off the ground. The members of the Executive each champion a particular project or aspect of civic activity in our community and we invite all residents to latch onto an activity or project where they may add value. This is your responsibility!

A sincere thanks to the executive members for their camaraderie and civic sacrifice in ensuring that the voice of Sybrand Park is heard at CoCT fora in order to make our community a safe and pleasant space for all residents. I invite all our residents to populate this website with positivity and motivational snippets. Check the contact details and direct your news / information to the administrator. We are retaining the summer and winter hard-copy newsletter until we go over to the digital / social format. Keep on browsing and keep up-to-date with exciting things happening in our area.